Sustainable Polymer Products CellTech line of products, represent the finest quality, easy to use products in the SPF industry. Whether you need Appendix X compliant open cell insulation foam, conventional closed cell insulation foam, hybrid cell water blown insulation foams, or a complete line of roofing foam and coatings, we have your needs covered. Our products represent the cutting edge in sustainability in the SPF industry.

Our products are stocked regionally to reduce embodied energy costs of transportation and short lead times to our contractors, helping them keep costs lower and service levels higher to the consumer.

Cell-Tech™ 1.0 PCF Hybrid Foam:

Unlike other low-density 0.50-pcf spray foams, Sustainable Polymer Products, LLC has developed a mid density 1.0 pcf spray foam insulation, which has a finer cell size and a smaller opening in the cellular window. This allows for improved R-Values and superior dimensional stability.

A smaller cellular window also allows for better water vapor permeance than low density 0.50 pcf (SPF). Hybrid foam does not absorb water when exposed to moisture. If moisture becomes trapped between the foam surface and the substrate, the foam has a high enough permeability to allow trapped moisture to transfer through the foam and dry out over time. Cell-Tech™ Hybrid foam acts like a breathable membrane system as opposed to closed cell foams that don’t allow for moisture mitigation. In applications where increased structural strength, low water vapor permeance, a higher R-Value per inch, and an overall tighter cell structure
is desirable, then the Cell-Tech™ 1.0 PCF Hybrid SPF is the superior product.

Cell-Tech™ Series 1.0 PCF Hybrid foam is preferred in applications such as the underside of a roof decks or closed wall cavities. Because of the unique cellular design, if a leak in the building envelope does occur, the leak will either be detected or have a chance to dry out over time. In these applications, there is less concern about condensation or vapor drive into Hybrid open cell foams. It has been well documented by Independent National Laboratories that over 90% of vapor drive is through air infiltration not the insulation permeability rating. An effective air barrier will stop 90% of condensation or vapor drive, while the unique cellular structure of Cell-Tech™ Hybrid foam will help stop the rest.

Closed Cell Content (ASTM D-2856):

Closed cell content (ASTM D-2856)) is the measurement used to define the number of intact cell membranes (windows) that prevent no open passageways for airflow. Rigid closed cell foams have greater than 90% of the cell windows closed.

Open Cell Content (ASTM D-6262):

Open cell content (ASTM D-6262) is the measurement used to define the number of broken cell membranes (windows) that allow air passageways for airflow. Open cell foams will have greater than 90% of the cell windows open.

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